Diy Macramé Bag Tutorial

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By Cord Design

We used the traditional methods of cord art and created a "Do It Yourself" KIT from a practical and modern bag to take with you everywhere.

Learn how to make this model with our video tutorial that guides you step by step, and allows you to make your piece at your own place.

To create this bag you will need:


  • 4 metal rings

  • 60.2m of 4mm 100% cotton rope pre-cut to lenght

  • 1 card bord ruler

  • 1 cotton lining bag (optional)



This tutorial is suitable for beginners. As extra material you will need scissors and tape. You can also use the help of a hanger holder or a coat hanger. and purchase the necessary material for its construction in our online store or in 133oficinas (our physical space).


We have the most detailed explanation of the knots on our YouTube channel so you can use it as a support. Any questions send us an email to or get in touch on social media to find out how we can help you.


Bag dimensions without handle: 25cm long and 30cm high

Handle measurements: 57 cm (you can make a smaller handle and make a handbag) let your creativity flow.


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Juliana and Zé

Diy Macramé Bag Tutorial PT

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