With authenticity, we are using our superpowers to give life to everything that has been put aside and as no longer used. Each Jubba pair it will be made from textile waste, in order to increase the lifespan of something that already exists. Therefore, no pair is like any other and the differences between pairs translate their life story.

Luna boots Limited Edition  143€

You can not give those pants that you love but have been standing for years, because you seriously believe that you will still be able to lose those two pounds (who never went through it !!), we will make them your favorite pair of shoes so they can follow all your stories!

These JUBBA pair are unique and created just for you, this is why we cannot return personalized JUBBA.

Send us an email to help you with your questions. weloveinguz@gmail.com


Nala boots Limited Edition  124€

Some studies claim that each person buys more than 60 percent of garments than they did two decades ago, and each garment is worn ten times before it is discarded. In Portugal, 230,000 tons of clothes are thrown away every year.

Jubba, is a project for recycling jeans that we no longer use and will be used to give new life and make footwear. This project works by donation, we are still in the beginning but we have already reused 80 pairs of unused jeans.

You too can be part of #jubbattitude and this gang of denim with your donation.

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