INGUZ, is a rune that symbolizes the moon and an opportunity to start.

{where there is a will there is way}


INGUZ, is a Portuguese brand that reflects appears in the form of the realization of a personal project. Juliana Vieira, a Portuguese designer, entrepreneur by nature, and with a natural gift for creativity, is inspired by photography, travel and adventure, her passions, to give life to her collections.


Funded in 2015, INGUZ, more than a brand, is a way of being, a philosophy of elegant minimalism and meticulous attention to detail. Inspired by irreverent and cosmopolitan women of strong personality, who know what they want.


INGUZ offers elegant and exclusive pieces that allow each woman to reflect her style, remaining true to herself and unlike any other. The luxury of genuine leather asserts itself in a minimalist color palette with a touch of extravagance in pieces that are the perfect complement to creating iconic and timeless images. For women who wish to be a style reference of style and leave strong impressions wherever they go.

Our commitment to te planet. Know more.

To find our pieces:

You can buy our products in our partner stores or directly in the showroom (by appointment), value personal contact, or the moment when our models experience, sharing small stories, but if it is not possible you can also order online too (by e- mail or whatsapp).

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